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Everyone at Ysgol Waunfawr is aware of the importance of the community. There is a special relationship between the school and the local community, and the connection is evident in various ways. ⁠This live community interest is highlighted when occasions under the school's name are held, whether it be a celebration, an appeal, a performance or a service, and there are reports of these various events as well as a record of individual's success which are a key part of the community paper's monthly content.

Many events are held in the Community. Such as carol singing at the Antur at the end of November, entertain members of the Women's Institute on St.David's day and support Waunfawr Village's Eisteddfod.

We have a close connection with Antur Waunfawr. Our friends from the Antur will also collaborate with the children every spring to develop the school's garden and to care for the plant pots in the garden and near the entrance. We also support the clothes recycling scheme with the Antur, and the clothes are collected in the blue bin every term.