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The school exists to celebrate children's achievements and to develop them as individuals who appreciate their environment in its entirety. Emphasis is placed on developing moral and humanitarian values, developing self-respect and tolerance of others. Attempts are made to ensure that every pupil feels happy and safe within a disciplined society that gives them esteem in their life and work. ⁠ ⁠

Emphasis is placed on maintaining and raising children’s attainment standards, so that everyone is given the opportunity to achieve his/her full potential, but it must be remembered that the school has a responsibility for more than just teaching children, which means that the children must be considered in their entirety, as unique beings with their own individual needs. It is therefore also necessary to develop an appreciation of the moral, the mannerly, the physical and the cultural, and an understanding of the heritage, traditions and language of the Welsh nation, and its place in, and relationship to the rest of the world. ⁠

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to ensure that each child has equal opportunities across the curriculum. The children are offered a varied, balanced and enriched curriculum, with real experiences that convey real life. Teaching and learning techniques and resources of the highest possible quality are used, which encourage children to develop inquisitive and lively minds, the ability to question and to discuss sensibly, to solve problems and to work independently. We strive to do this within an open, welcoming, tasteful, happy, family, and homely environment and atmosphere.⁠ ⁠

This results in children who are inspired and in order that each child achieves his/her full potential, the children must be educated to take an active part in this process. It is necessary to emphasise the importance of listening to what children have to say, and that everyone gives each child his/her deserved attention, and that each child be given the opportunity to react sensibly and with personal reasoning to varying audiences. ⁠

It is essential that each child and his/her ideas and produce be respected, by sharing their successes with others, by developing self-respect and confidence and by setting an example of the highest possible quality.

To achieve all this, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly, policies, whole school and class schemes and teaching techniques, after consultation within and between the staff, governors, and LEA.